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Suriname , Tuesday 24 April 2018

News Suriname » Tourism: Organisers seek to make Jubilee-inspired Guyana Carnival tourism calendar staple.

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Publication date: Friday 20 April 2018

“Guyana Carnival is set to give Guyana a significant tourism boost and create an opportunity for all ... Contingents from neighbouring Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago are also expected to be among the revelers. For more information, persons can visit ...

News Suriname » Tourism: Finalists Vie for Up to US$400,000 from Compete Caribbean

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Publication date: Friday 26 January 2018

An Investment Panel at the Inter-American Development Bank Barbados Country Office recently heard pitches from one finalist from Grenada (Hidden Treasures – North East Cluster), two finalists from Suriname (Promotion and Enhancement of the North ...

News Suriname » Tourism: High crime rate a shadow over Caribbean tourism: study

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Publication date: Wednesday 17 May 2017

Jamaica and Suriname. (Shutterstock/File) The Caribbean and its pristine beaches may be a tourist magnet, but life in paradise comes at a price: the soaring violent crime rate is higher than in Latin America or Africa. The study out Tuesday by the ...

News Suriname » Tourism: Haitians travelling to Suriname must now have a visa

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Publication date: hursday 08 September 2016

It said that airlines now had to file their full lists of passengers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Suriname and that while a tourist card was given to the travellers from September 15, all Haitian nationals with a ticket for a trip to Suriname will ...

News Suriname » Tourism: Haiti - FLASH : Suriname, Visa mandatory for Haitian

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 September 2016

According to statistics, more than half of the passengers of the company Insel Air, which the Suriname, is of Haitian origin. A March 2016 report showed that the tourist map, supposed to attract more businessmen and tourists, had rather facilitated the ...

News Suriname » Tourism: Venezuela's crisis impacting nearby Suriname, where economy is collapsing

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Publication date: Wednesday 21 September 2016

The Association of Economists of Suriname says the government must better diversify economically and produce more than just oil and gold. Chairman Winston Ramautarsing suggests developing agriculture, tourism and fishing. "Sadly enough, we seem to be ...

News Suriname » Tourism: Why Would Anyone Go to Suriname?

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Publication date: hursday 16 January 2014

That's what I traveled there to find out. Advertisement Actually, I had been invited by the recently formed Suriname Tourism Foundation, who had seen some of the consulting I did with the Belize Tourism Board a couple years ago. Like Belize, they wanted ...

News Suriname » Tourism: KoPT cruise to tour city's landmarks

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Publication date: Saturday 21 April 2018

The tourism department will help us in promoting and marketing ... the BNR House - where Nawab Wajid Ali Shah once resided - and the Suriname Memorial, before ending the journey at the Indenture Memorial and Old Clock Tower site. The Suriname memorial ...

News Suriname » Tourism: The airlines BANNED from flying into the European Union – but you could end up using them on holiday

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Publication date: Friday 20 April 2018

One of their banned airlines - Sriwijaya Air - could easily be used by Brit holidaymakers, as it regularly runs flights available on Skyscanner between Jakarta and the country's tourist hotspots ... Blue Wing Airlines (Suriname), Iran Aseman Airlines ...

News Suriname » Tourism: Tourism trumps whaling in Suriname

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Publication date: onday 16 July 2012

PARAMARIBO, Suriname, Monday July 16, 2012 – After years of siding with Japan and other countries that favour lifting the moratorium on commercial whaling, Suriname has changed its stance on small-scale commercial whaling. According to de Ware Tijd ...