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Suriname , Tuesday 24 April 2018

News Suriname » Culture: Haiti - Culture : Merlenka acclaimed in Guadeloupe, finished 4th in the talent contest «Défi lycéens»

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Publication date: uesday 10 April 2018

Rannking : 1st Guadeloupe, 2nd Trinidad and Tobago, 3rd Suriname. "I am satisfied with my performance. While I'm not champion, but it remains that I keep a good memory of this experience "declared our national finalist. No trophy certainly for our talented ...

News Suriname » Culture: Suriname country profile

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Publication date: hursday 13 July 2017

Suriname, once known as Dutch Guiana, is one of South America's smallest countries. It enjoys a relatively high standard of living but also faces serious political and economic challenges. Since independence from the Netherlands in 1975 Suriname has ...

News Suriname » Culture: ‘Civilizations’ is the most ambitious story about art ever told on television

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Publication date: Sunday 15 April 2018

Presented by Olusoga, it looks at cross-cultural exchanges that ... the Spanish in Central America, the Dutch in Suriname and Japan, and the British in India, and are reminded that these fascinating encounters all took place before Europe’s powers ...

News Suriname » Culture: Tiny Suriname a world of diverse cultures

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Publication date: Wednesday 06 August 2014

The spectacle that is this city's Central Market could be a metaphor for the cultural melange that is Suriname. In stalls outside under the blazing equatorial sun, an ethnic mix of vendors offered fresh and smoked fish, fruits and vegetables, fish eggs ...

News Suriname » Culture: YMCA delegation enjoys culture, art in Suriname

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Publication date: Sunday 14 December 2008

Mary Wickler Peterson of the Rapid City YMCA World Services Committee describes her recent trip to Suriname with five others as a "first date" of sorts. "We were essentially finding out more about one another," she said of the nine-day cultural exchange ...

News Suriname » Culture: Sapto Sopawiro: The lone ' dalang' in Suriname

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Publication date: onday 24 June 2013

Sapto Sopawiro, 73, is a Javanese living in the Republic of Suriname who continues to preserve Javanese culture amid the prevalence of pop art. The former miner is a Javanese community elder and the lone dalang wayang kulit (leather puppet player ...

News Suriname » Culture: Discovering Suriname's Jewish past - and present

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Publication date: Friday 18 February 2011

Suriname's Jewish culture forms the underpinnings of much of the ... In Paramaribo, the capital, the Neveh Shalom synagogue still stands in the center of town, at the end of Jodenstraat (Dutch for "Jewish street"), but the tiny Jewish community struggles ...

News Suriname » Culture: Sir Viv backs Caricom on Windies concerns

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Publication date: hursday 19 April 2018

The Youth Arm of National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC) successfully staged Khoobsurat ... Women Challenge Series against Suriname, April 25 at the Ato... An uneasy feeling has gripped Imam Nazam Mohammed, as reports surfaced on Tuesday that a ...

News Suriname » Culture: China's Stake In Suriname: Why Is Beijing Interested In This Small South American Country?

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Publication date: Saturday 01 June 2013

The unique language (Dutch and Creole variations) and culture (a bewildering mixture of European-African-Asian influences), as well as the inadequate transparency of its economy and markets, have made some Western investors wary of Suriname. “But since ...